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Cimenterie McInnis

Bienvenue chez Hamel Construction

Plus de 50 ans d'expertise au profit des prochaines générations

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Hamel Construction, avec une jeune équipe dynamique appuyée de vétérans d'expérience, se démarquera au cours des années à venir

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Construction d'un pont - Route 199

La diversité et le savoir-faire acquis du passé seront mis à profit pour le futur

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Nos employés sont le coeur de notre entreprise

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Company profile


"Hamel Construction Inc." mainly operates in civil works and marine infrastructure projects such as:

  • Road construction
  • Sanitation
  • Bridges and Viaducts
  • Transmission lines
  • Drilling and blasting
  • Quarrying
  • Various formwork and concreting
  • Dams
  • Docks/wharves (piles and sheet piles)
  • Concrete caissons
  • Breakwater
  • Tunnels
  • Sealing dams
  • Dredging
  • Wind farms
  • Etc.

During the winter season, a snow-removal crew also operates in industrial and commercial areas for Quebec City as well as the "Ministère des Transports du Québec".

Management team

The management team, which is lead by the President Guy Hamel, is composed of experienced administrative personnel, engineers, technicians and superintendents. A group of managers, owner of the company, is directly involved in every operations which are the management, the equipment management and the superintendence of their sites.

Company History

  • 1970-2024
  • The Company's Beginning

    The origin of "Hamel Construction Inc." goes back to 1970 when Mr. Marcel Hamel founded "Les Entreprises Po-Bo-Ha Inc." with his two associates, Mr. Claude Beaudoin and Mr. Jean-Rock Poulin. Back then, the company was mainly working for the farming industry.

  • A family business

    In 1984, "Po-Bo-Ha Inc." became a family-owned company when Mr. Marcel Hamel's three sons, Yvon, Michel and Guy, purchased the shares of the other two original founders.

    Therefore, the company still known as "Po-Bo-Ha Inc." kept growing. The "Ministère des Transports du Québec" and the "Ministère de l'Agriculture du Québec" were their main clients.

  • Association with "Les Construction Vanneau Ltée."

    In 1989, with the desire to improve and expand, "Les Entreprises Po-Bo-Ha Inc." created a partnership with "Les Constructions Vanneau Ltée." to become "Les Entreprises Po-Bo-Ha Inc. et Les Constructions Vanneau Ltée."

  • "Les Constructions Hamel et Vanneau inc"

    Two years later, Mr. Marcel Hamel sold his shares to his fourth son, Pierre. During that year, the association between "Les Entreprises Po-Bo-Ha Inc. and "Les Constructions Vanneau Ltée" became a joint venture called "Les Constructions Hamel et Vanneau Inc."

  • "Les Constructions Hamel et Vanneau Inc."

    In 1997, "Les Entreprises Po-Bo-Ha Inc." became the sole owner of the company as they acquired the shares of "Les Constructions Vanneau Ltée."

  • "Hamel Construction Inc."

    Less than a year later, "Les Constructions Hamel et Vanneau Inc." became "Hamel Construction Inc.", as agreed in the purchase transaction. Also, "Les Entreprises Po-Bo-Ha Inc." merged with "Hamel Construction Inc." to form one single company.

  • "Hamel Construction Inc."

    "Hamel Construction Inc." is still owned and managed by the four Hamel brothers. They are involved in every projects by participating in the bids, the equipment management, the manufacturing workshop and by being present on sites to insure the development and application of their working methods.

  • "Hamel Construction Inc."

    Hamel Construction continued to grow and diversify over the years by forming various partnerships on complex and large-scale projects.

    The management is still composed of members of the Hamel family and is also supported by the arrival of some employees of the implementation team to ensure the sustainability of the company.

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